Fourth and Third

Fourth place: Steel Battle scorpion. Representatives Goalkeepers: Petr Cech

This giant scorpions guarding the gates of Orgrimmar, you can use to describe the tenacious enough to withstand gamers bombing. Speaking tenacious goalkeeper, I am afraid to belong Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech. Before the Premier League’s best goalkeeper injured nearly lost their lives in Chelsea, but six months after his return to the game and tenacious, the fact that the risk of injury to him nothing.

Third place: Sapphiron. Representatives Goalkeepers: Kahn

Malygos servant, died and was resurrected for the Ice Dragon Lich King, guarding in front of Kel’Thuzad. 60 years, how many players are blocking it, especially the terrible freezing rain, enough to kill everything. And to describe the goalie with ice-cold German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is undoubtedly, the former hero of expression has always been cold and heartless. However, he was on the field I’m afraid no one knows, of Bayern Munich and Germany have made meritorious contributions, but helpless grief World Cup.