Personal understanding output cycle

After the fresh feeling in the past, individual weapons ignited a little idea.

Let me talk about the conclusion ignite arms talent for strategic weapons card hand.

New talent is talent ignite arms warfare output cycle before the birth of major changes, at first glance, mad tyrants cool. However, for the new version of the cycle of warfare, there are a big problem, and that is anger. 30 Fury says Gao Bugao say low is not low, BLZ cancel a heroic fight, let beheaded join the cycle of warfare, making the moment this skill quite embarrassing, not just the right time to use. Personal feeling on this skill within the skill cycle is not necessary.

Anger to fight hard hit, with high anger stage already wreaked enough beheaded. BLZ expect redesigned in subsequent versions of this column talent warfare. So that the 3-series fighter unique.

Then talk about Gladiator talent. First of all, this talent is based defense specialization. So in this posture output, blow up, leveling, the viability of the soldiers than to the good warfare much more. Flat cut not to anger, but the output is not the lack of anger, revenge, and Shield Slam provide enough anger, and anger is very low consumption shield impact itself, but also provide bonus damage BUFF, plus gesture comes with its own damage increased by 20% , the output efficiency is guaranteed. Defense, there is also a barrier shields are available, the group can be guaranteed to pull it just to live.

Back to the blood side, compared to the other two Specialization, enjoy the frenzy effect Gladiator defense specialization blood, automatic multi-hit attack with out starting this effect can thus restore some blood, though not much, but better than nothing. Circulation, the use of Devastate (200% weapon damage) as a filling, straining Shield Slam Revenge accumulation of anger, and then use the shield under the impact of high anger to vent their anger with the heroic fight, probably so.