shadow moonvalley

Hiding just beneath the bright starlight stay night, Delaney’s tomb temple – Kala Bo took the fall Shadowmoon Valley the picturesque forest. While many studies Shadowmoon Valley residents in Kala Bo ancient prophecy stone ring, the conspirators were harboring evil intentions of the ambush in the valley beneath the intricate stone crypt, staring greedily sacred temple.

Taradeau Delano is the center, located in the heart of the continent’s cross was connected to the ocean river into two halves, the river provides a natural thing between maritime trade and water transport channel. Central Taradeau is a magnificent cathedral city, it is an ancient cultural and architectural heritage Delaney, and now the city has been occupied by steel tribes.

Ogre at sea Nagrand occupied a vast south, they want to dominate this land and enslave the orcs living in this generation. In addition, there are more hidden evil lurking around: a strange fog spread from the central plains, surrounded by elements of the throne, as if from another world Oshu’gun Crystal’s treasure is attracting people from around Delano .